Monday, June 21, 2010

April Update...

All Grades- We are Celebrating Earth Day and National Poetry Month bystudents reading poems and creating poems using the theme of Earth Day. They will be carrying Poems in their pockets on April 29, 2010 to read to family, teachers and friends!

Kindergarten- Kindergarteners learned about Lions... Both Fact and Fiction! In addition, students are reading Poems to celebrate National Poetry Month -April!

Grade 1- First Graders are exploring the world of chapter books, particularly works by famous author Arnold Lobel. Students are learning to determine the main idea of variours books including Frog and Toad!

Grade 2- Second graders are reading Folktales and Fairytales from around the world. They are exploring Fairytales and Folktales, the countries that originally created them and using Google Earth!

Grade 3- Third graders are learning about the Super 3 Research Skills! They are learning how the Super 3 Research Skills help them when they are researching a particular topic. They also know that they can use these skills to complete research for reports for teachers as well as use these skills to find out more about topics they enjoy!

Grade 4 and 5- The Fourth and Fifth Graders are learning about the Big 6 Research Skills needed to successfully research topics of their choice, topics teachers have given them and to complete research reports.

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